wellfuck-you-too asked:
I'm a 14 year old girl, and my 100 free is a :55. is that good man?


Anonymous asked:
Ok so I am 13 year old girl and I go a 1:20 on my 100 fly Is this good? And I go a 1:10 all the time in meets and in practice I can go a 1:04 what's going on?

I think that’s good!
It’s probably all the adrenaline šŸ˜­

Anonymous asked:
can you tell me if these times are okay? my 200m free is a 2:38.69, 100m free is a 1:10.42, my best 50m free is a 29.83, and the only time ive raced a 500m i got a 7:45-i know that times not good if i swim it normally but is that an okay start? im a 14 year old girl and its my first year swimming

To tell you the truth, I was 16 when I had those times and I’m a boy. I’m 18 now but those seem just fine

Anonymous asked:
I'm 15. My 50 free is a 29.15, and my 100 free is a 56.23. Is that good?

I think that’s more than good for your age!

That feeling when you finish that race that you would thought you would get a cramp on

swimproving asked:
I love your blog!


Anonymous asked:
How do you dive to were your goggles don't mess up? Sometimes they fall of my face sometimes they don't

You’re not using the right ones. Use the ones with adjustable bridges, they will make it easier. Also, use bungee straps to make it easier to fit.Ā 


Anonymous asked:
14 year old girl 2:20 200 breast and 1:05 100 breast (yards) would you say I'm not a sprinter? (as far as breastroke)

Breaststroke disciplines only go up to the 200 so i would say that you are definitely a sprinter if Breast is your best stroke.Ā 

Anonymous asked:
1.00:48 in 100free is this good? Im not proud of myself.

LOL its good. this was my time for it for like 2 years until lately. Keep practicing and youll drop time. HIGH ELBOWS

Anonymous asked:
Is 1:23 100m fly good? C: it's my first year with swimming the event. I keep dropping time. Our varsity time is 1:15. Is it crazy to think that I'll make it?

SCY? i think its pretty good? If your varsity time is 115 you are not that far away. Just keep practicing and watch your timingĀ 

Anonymous asked:
I'm a 16 year old guy and I've been swimming competitively for 2 years. My 100 free time is a 1:00.6. And my 50 time is a 26 flat. Are those good times?

for your 50 i think its pretty coooool. but if your time is 26 flat for a 50 you should be making about 52-58 seconds for the 100Ā 

but its pretty cool stillĀ 

Anonymous asked:
Is 32 fast for a 13 year old girl who is in her first year of competing?


I went a 50 my first year and im a guy lol

beibh-nua asked:
I am 14 and my time for 100m free is 1.08 I was wondering if this was alright and what kind of time I should be aiming for this year

since youre about to be 15 try to go under 1 minute. just work on your turns and dives and you should be under 1minute in no time.

beibh-nua asked:
I'm 14 and my time for 100 free is 1.08

Its fine for your age but i feel like its a pretty slow 50m split.. you were somewhere around 54-56 seconds… try to bring it down.